Sculpture Cam

A social game in the park

Sculpture Cam is a collaborative play for visitors to the UK’s leading Yorkshire Sculpture park.
By using their mobile phone camera visitors are engaged to photograph the sculptures from literally every angle. In a collective effort with all other visitors and their phones they produce personal and eclectic 3D animations of the sculptures of the park, mimicking a collaborative scanner.

Sculpture Cam celebrates the user generated photography, its differences in colours, effects and weather conditions – the subjectivity of the image.

The project is commissioned by The Space, which is supported by the BBC and Arts Council England.

Introduction video to Sculpture Cam

Thank you to Gerry Arling for the music

How it works

10 sculptures of the park – including works by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Sophie Ryder – form the basis of the game.

Visitors simply go to the website on their phone and hunt for the sculptures that are provided to them based on their GPS location. Once they find the sculpture, they are presented with a blank silhouette of the artwork which they must try and capture precisely using their camera. Each artwork consists of 120 silhouettes to form a 360 degree rotation.

People have their phones with them at all times, and are ready to take photographs of the sculptures of the park anyway. Sculpture Cam embraces this fact and provides a framework and challenges visitors to look at the sculptures in a different – maybe more precise – way.

Selection of generated gifs
Visitors using Sculpture Cam in the park


We used our custom designed typeface Vizner for Sculpture Cam. Vizner started out as a graduation project of Jolana, inspired by the work of Czech glass maker Frantisek Vizner.

Vizner is a playful and organic humanist typeface perfectly reflecting the character of the sculptures of the park. Besides the basic set of characters we developed alternate characters for the UI of the game.

Custom designed typeface Vizner – Regular


  • Concept & development
  • Design
    Jolana Sýkorová
  • Frontend Development
    Thomas Boland
  • Backend Development
    Tjerk Woudsma
  • Production
    The Space
  • Commissioner
    Yorkshire Sculpture Park