Do Not Draw a Penis

Automated doodle moderation

Do not draw a penis?

In 2018 Google open-sourced the Quickdraw data set. “The world's largest doodling data set”. The set consists of 345 categories and over 15 million drawings. For obvious reasons the data set was missing a few specific categories that people enjoy drawing. This made us at Moniker think about the moral reality big tech companies are imposing on our global community and that most people willingly accept this. Therefore we decided to publish an appendix to the Google Quickdraw data set.

Do Not Draw a Penis functions as an agent to collect inappropriate doodles from people who are not willing to stay within the moral guidelines set by our social network providers.

So far we have collected 10K doodles formatted the same way as Google's dataset. We are happy to announce you can download them at our Github repository.

As this website lives on we continue to collect doodles... and we will update the set.

If you want to support this cause, order the tea towel from our webshop featuring 5k unique penises drawn by naughty people from all over the globe.

Tea towel featuring 5K doodles

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  • Concept and Production
  • Development
    Tjerk Woudsma
    Thomas Boland
    Jae Perris
  • Voice
    Luna Maurer
  • Texts
    Kathrin Hero
  • Commisioners
    Mozilla Foundation