Fungus Series

Crowdsourced sticker installations

A Fungus is a generative participatory installation which is executed by a large group of people.

Each participant receives a sticker sheet containing 4 stickers and a simple set of instructions that specify how the stickers should be attached to the surface.

Taking part gives you an instant visual feedback ➝ with your simple intervention, you change the shape, and potentially, the course of the developing installation.

Fungus can last a day, a week or even months – as long as it keeps changing and expanding it will be exciting.

Mint Fungus

Mint Fungus was developed for the exhibition Spielerei –Kunst om mee te spelen at SCHUNCK in Heerlen, The Netherlands, Sept – Nov 2016. Collection SCHUNK

Ultramarine Fungus

Ultramarine Fungus was developed for P! at NADA Miami Beach 2014. Ultramarine Fungus was acquired by Walker Art Center, Contemporary Art Museum, Minneapolis and set to play several times since then.

Green Grass Fungus

Green Grass Fungus was developed for the exhibition Read The Rules Before You Use The Pool at the Index Festival, New York. The exhibition ran between the 18th and 27th of august 2011.

Red Fungus

Red Fungus was developed for the exhibition Process as Paradigm at LABoral, center for arts and science, Gijon, Spain. The exhibition ran from the 23rd of April until the 30th of August 2010.

Blue Fungus

Blue Fungus was developed for Deep Screen, Art in Digital Culture at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The exhibition ran between May and September 2008. Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.